Friday, July 7, 2017

Mountain - Outdoor Medical First Responder Course (MOMFR) in CUCMS

Back in May,
a bunch of us climbers have signed up to be a part of the Mountain Marshals and we decided to get medically certified
 to be a part of the rescue team. In case you wanna know more about the Mountain Marshals, you can just drop me an email.

The course we attended was conducted in Cyberjaya University College of Medical Science (CUCMS).
Super excited about this course and we spent a week in KL.
(Don't mind the chubby face!)

We stayed in Cyberjaya area for the first 5 nights and also managed to grab a nice place via Air B&B with our friends
and the place was dope! It was such a nice place and really close to the University. It could fit about 10 people in that place.
Will tell more bout the house later on but now here are the photos of what we were up to in Uni!
(Sorry for the blurry and low quality photos because we only had our phones most of the time.)

Learnt a lot from this course and definitely worth the sleepless nights and all that money spent on this trip!
One of the most awesome experience was knowing that now we could save lives and at least be there to assist
and manage the situation when help is needed.

During this trip,
we also made a stop over at Verticale to pay a friend a visit and also to do some shopping for some climbing equipments.
This shop is located at Gombak.

I'm in heaven!! Check out everything!
I wish I could have them all but then I would have to sell my house and car to buy everything.

Then headed over to MINISO which is my FAVOURITE place to visit everytime I go to KL.
Everything they sell in there is just too cute!

I bought this cute rabbit/cat looking neck pillow for me to use on the plane. It was only Rm15.00 if I'm not wrong.
Forgotten how much it cost but I remembered it being cheap and its so soft and fluffy!

Had yogurt and an apple for breakfast before heading out to look for Chinese breakfast.
Where we stayed, there were no chinese restaurants or coffee shops around and we were desperate.
We planned to climb in Camp 5, 1Utama after breakfast and do a little shopping there so quick stop at Sunway Pyramid first before anything else.
Its been ages since I've been to Sunway Pyramid. Gave Charlotte a ring and decided to meet up and have ramen together!

I forgot what this place is called but I know its the ramen shop located inside of Asian Avenue and it was SO GOOD! 
Roy already had breakfast but he couldn't resist himself and had some too!

Pork Char Siew Ramen (Price N/A)

Charlotte ordered the pork char siew ramen and to be honest I cant remember the actual name of this ramen but the soup was so tasty! 
Must be from all that MSG pork bone that they used to make the broth.

Roy's tiny bowl of my chicken teriyaki ramen and look how pretty it looks after I garnished it for him!
Just had to take a photo of this!

We even paid a visit to Suria KLCC and we just had to take a photo together here.
Hot and sunny day and there were people like EVERYWHERE!

Still manage to get a nice photo of us and we left after that.
Nothing much we could buy there because everything there was just too expensive.
(Again, don't mind the chubby face. Its the angle!)

Oh , remember I mentioned bout our Air B&B place?
We didn't manage to take many pictures of the house because we got too excited and forgotten.
Immediately settled down and unpacked.
We stayed for 3 nights and after we checked out, we all found out that the place we stayed in was haunted!

Two people in the house saw something and the other person felt like she's being watched all the time,
Roy had a weird feeling in the lower ground living room which we don't use and I was constantly disturbed in my room with doors
knocking while everyone was downstairs and my shower kept turning on by itself.

This was our room and it was a really nice room with a nice bathroom as well but the bed was just sh*t.
I could feel every single spring piercing through that bed and I'm glad we only stayed for 3 nights
and we were out of that place for good!

Also, the bathroom was so nice but the only problem was the shower.
The water pressure was just sad. JUST SAD!
The amount of pressure was like a drizzling rain. Not your regular rain, not heavy rain but a drizzle/sprinkler.

Our very awesome living room that has a beautiful porch!
Very bright and airy place and it was really comfortable just chilling in the living room.

Our place was a semi-detached house with 2 living rooms, a dining room, a kitchen, a porch, 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.
We booked the whole place for RM 769.00 for 3 nights and split among 6 people which means it only cost RM 128.00 per person.
How cheap is that!

Group study at night and I won't forget how stressed out I was during that time.
I was so scared I would fail and also being me, I always have trouble sleeping at night if i'm staying in a new place with a new environment.

Also not forgetting that I paid a visit to Summit USJ Mall to visit my all time favourite shop, Fabric Fanatics.
Met up with Kelly, the owner of Fabric Fanatics and she was so full of energy! Very friendly and very down-to-earth. A very independent woman who started this business which initially started out as just a part time hobby on Etsy now a successful business that sells varieties of stuff you need for crafting, sewing, DIY-ing... you name it! So inspirational!

I have been shopping with Fabric Fanatics since the first year of online/ blogshopping started and also when she first started off her business online.
I stumbled across her online shop I think back in 2009 via a shopping directory called Shopping Roll which has stopped publishing for years now.

Anyways, I also stumbled across Family Mart which I have been dying to visit.
Its a Japanese convenience store and I heard they serve really good Matcha Ice Cream and also tidbits.
I tried their ice cream and it was really good! Not too sweet and I love how creamy it was. Definitely getting it again when I head back to KL.

I also picked up some onigiris to try out and its pretty good but just that the filling inside was just TOO LITTLE. 
Like it only had 1 chunk of meat which was almost close to no-meat-at-all size and the rest was all sauce. 
That was it. Not happy bout that but the ice cream was good!

Managed to make a quick stop at the famous Kamal Medical Book Supplies to check out some stethoscopes. 
I'm still deciding which colour to get because these were all too pretty to choose from. 

At the end of the day, 
I'm just happy to say I'm a qualified Outdoor Medical First Responder and I can't wait to make KK a better place.
Hoping to see Mountain Marshals grow and help make KK a safer place especially for those up in Mount Kinabalu.

Group photo with our lecturers and instructors.

(Photo credits to Roy & Selva)

For more photos, click here!
For those who want to know more about Fabric Fanatics , click here!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Wisdoms and Molars

Sorry for disappearing for a while.
Had a really busy and packed month last month but don't worry, new posts are coming up soon so stay tuned for that.

A few weeks ago, I went in for surgery to remove my wisdom tooth.
Well, it was more like teeth instead of tooth until I was informed I had to remove 5 molars instead of just 3 wisdom tooth. 
I was quite shocked at first but I had requested to get this surgery done under GA (General Anesthesia) so it doesn't make a difference
if I removed 3 or 5 since I'll be knocked out anyways.

Here you can see my X-ray and you can see where I've marked the red arrows.
Those are the ones that were being removed. The lower left one was the culprit of all this surgery thing! 
If only it didn't grow that way, I would have just removed it easily by the normal extraction procedure.

Admitted 1 day before surgery to get my blood test done and all and had to fast at 12am till 10am the next day. 
Brought a book and an MP3 player along to keep me distracted. Was really nervous and scared and it kept me up all night. 
Seriously , ALL NIGHT!

Day of surgery, I had a very nerve wrecking moment and what was even scarier?
Being intubated while I was awake. I had to be intubated through my nose and IT.WAS.HELL! 
It was such a slow and painful moment and I had to tell myself to take a deep breath and try to hold on and fight the pain. 
My nose and throat bled so much and the next thing I know, I passed out in a few seconds after being informed that they are gonna 
sedate me which will last for about 2 hours.

It totally felt like a 5 minute nap until I woke up to a major muscle spasm. I had spasms so bad that I heard this female dentist telling the nurse and other doctors to restrain me before I fall off the table/bed. What was rude was the dentist was nagging at me telling me to stop throwing a fit and stop struggling like a child. She thought I was doing this on purpose until I went into a panic attack. I was isolated in a different room for at least 30 minutes from what I can remember until I passed out again. Woke up to my ward with blood stains everywhere. I had blood stains on my blanket, bed sheets, arms, legs, face and even my hair. Slept for at least 2 hours before I was feeling slightly better and then I was discharged from the hospital. 
Desperate for a shower and sleep. Missed my bed so much.

Having my molars removed, I was on a liquid diet for a week and it was quite torturing. 
Constantly hungry and thirsty but not being able to chew or open my mouth and the worst part was not being able to sneeze and yawn. 

These are my molars and I'm pretty glad I had this done. 
Imagine having to go through that sh*t 5 times when I can just get this done once and for all.
No more hospitals, no more spasms and no more blood spills.

I'm just wondering, do molars have 3 or 4 legs?
Because most of my tooth that was taken out only had either 3 or 2 legs instead of 4.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Product Review : Fit Box | The Native Food Co.

I've been eyeing on The Native Food Co. on Instagram for almost a year now and seeing so many people posting pictures
about what they got in their box got me really excited. I've always love snacking but usually the snacks I snack on will leave me bloated
and sick or even worst, breakouts. 

There was this one day where I was just randomly looking through Instagram on the "Search" page and I saw a picture of a box full of snacks
and when I click on the username, it turns out that they are based in Malaysia.
*tears of joy* 

Browsed through the ENTIRE profile and took me months to consider if its worth getting it.
Finally I made a decision to try it out and I must say I have no regrets.
First thing was that the owner of The Native Food Co. was really friendly!
He was really helpful with all the details and I was pretty happy to also find out that they provide FREE SHIPPING.

These are the sizes that you get to pick for your Fit Box and I read that you can also customize the box according to what you need.
You get snacks AND they're healthy! After much consideration, I decided to go with the M size box just to try it out. Its really great that they actually show you what they provide in the box and also customizing to your needs. Imagine if you're allergic to something and when you've received your snacks and its something that you cant eat, that's gonna suck right?

This is the price list for each box size :
Small : Rm90
Medium : Rm160
Large : RM300

it is a little pricey but do bear in mind that everything healthy does not come cheap
and I'm pretty sure everyone knows that. Do remember that you get to customize your box too.
Even groceries that you buy everywhere nowadays are expensive. (Damn it GST)

(4 days later...)

I received my Fit Box!
Love how cute the box looks with the stamp on the side!


 Buff Bake Protein Cookie (Birthday Cake) , Quest Protein Chips (Cheddar & Sour Cream), The Kettle Bowl Artisan Granola
(Apple Crumble and Peanut Butter & Kopi) and Quest Bar (Chocolate Mint, Cookies & Cream and Banana Muffin).

 This is my favourite out of the entire box! Love how crunchy and tasty everything is.
It really does taste like an actual apple crumble and I also love the walnuts they have inside.
Its so good!

 Brought these to the climbing centre to snack on in case I get hungry after our climb.
Had to share this with Roy! I must say the granola packs which I received are my favourites!
The peanut butter & kopi flavoured ones were really unique! Love the coffee chips and also the roasted taste on the oats.
So crunchy and I didn't even bother to share this with Roy.

The man approves!
Roy tried the Chocolate Mint flavoured Quest Bar and he said it was good!
Wasn't really my favourite because I am not a big fan of mint at all but for those who love mint and looking for a post workout snack,
this is perfect for you.

Sorry for the bad quality for this picture.
I forgot my camera on the day I brought this to the climbing centre. This is also another one of my favourite in the box!
WHO DOESN'T LOVE CHIPS! I am a sucker for potato chips and everything potatoes!
Very light and puffy chips covered with Cheddar and Sour Cream seasoning. I just wish there was more inside.

(Photo credits to Roy)
(Images courtesy of The Native Food Co.)

For those who are interested , click here to find out more!
You can even drop The Native Food Co. a message or email for more info!

Contact no : +6 017 358 5934 (Aaron)
Email :

***This is not a sponsored post. Everything I reviewed about is based on my own personal opinions. Some of these products might not work for you but it did for me and so again, this is based on my personal opinion and things that works for me.***