Sunday, April 15, 2012

Le Blog De Betty

*Picture credits to Le Blog De Betty*

Hey hey hey!
Happy Sunday y'all! 

I have been a big fan of Betty for years now! 
I just love her sense of style when it comes to fashion!
Simple and comfortable!

 I like how she is not wearing too 
much or too little but just nice. It seems like everything she wears 
looks flattering on her! Envious of her travelling
around so much and also exploring new fashion trends
and style all over. 

Here's a couple of my favourite :

How cute is that bag with that little dream catcher?

Love those yellow painted nails! 

I just love sweaters and boots!

And lastly, one of my favourite looks...

She added on this really cute feather earcuff!

Friday, April 13, 2012

A new "Solution"?

Hey y'all! 
As promised, I'm back with an exciting post!
As mentioned in my previous post, something awesome happened!

Well, on the same day I was discharged, it was also Roy's birthday!
I had planned a surprise birthday cake for his birthday for almost a month and no way I'm letting 
some infection or cramps stop me from bringing that surprise birthday cake!

Enough said, here's the surprise cake for the birthday boy!
A La Sportiva Solution shoe cake!
Thinking it was a real shoe and that facial expression was priceless!
Had a good laugh before we all sang a really OUT OF TUNE birthday song!

Seriously worth my time and effort to go through all this!
Looks cool aye? Here's a close up of the shoe cake!

 Yes you've guessed it! 
Its a chocolate Solution cake!

Can't really tell the difference right? 
The baker did an awesome job! 
It looks so identical and the details were simply amazing! 

This is the actual shoe!

Planning to get this pair of babies in the future! 
Really aggresive shoe and also a solution to most of your climbing problems! 

After that little surprise, I head back home for another round of drugs and put myself to bed. 
Seriously was high on drugsand was drowzy the entire time but hey it was worth it!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Behind the scenes..

Currently working on something with Meitzeu! Will reveal it real soon!
In the mean time, check our Meitzeu's blog here!
Good stuff there! Stay tuned..

Climbers, Rocks & Walls

Spent my day climbing and running
 on a lovely Easter Sunday. Brought my camera along
 and decided to take some pictures!
Snapped a couple of pictures of Roy and Vince doing their climb! 

From left to right :  Vince, Yong (the guy lying behind Vince) & Roy

 *koff koff..*
Had to post this picture of Yours Truly! 

Every single time I see them climb it gets me motivated to climb!
Less than 3 weeks to go till my climbing trip with the gang to KL!
 I can't wait! Long vacation away from home and work!